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Praise for Swil Kanim

This past December our school was honored with the gift of Swil Kanim. So much more than a talented violinist, Swil Kanim has a wonderful ability to connect with our students and his visit was a meaningful experience they remember and talk about.
Utilizing a unique blend of storytelling, amazing violin music, and inspirational banter, Swil Kanim shares his story and connects with our students on a personal level. As one student stated, “He knows about struggles and speaks in a way that kids can actually relate to.” Swil Kanim reinforces their value and worth both as individuals and as part of society.
He understands many of the struggles that our students face, shows them honor, recognizes their struggles, and spurs them onward. Swil Kanim celebrates the potential in every student and encourages them to use their
personal qualities throughout all their lives.

Elizabeth Lahti

School Counselor

State Street High School

Elizabeth Lahti

State Street High School: Testimonials
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